Wednesday, 13 July 2011

AdSlag: Talk Talk 2011

Well, well, after only two days since the opening of AdSlag, my creation to vent my anger against lazy modern advertising by way of celebrating the quality of old, I feel the need to let out a big cheer for this wonderful clip from Talk Talk.

What any communications company needs to do in these times of easy social networking is get us all gooey over the idea of why we use these systems in the first place. We contact somebody because they are not there to be spoken to. We feel to need to contact someone, because we have something to say to them. What the Talk Talk ad here really taps into is the concept of missing someone that you love.
With the combination of heart warming, stop motion- esque animations of cute household items, desperately hoping to hear from a loved one, played out to the wonderful Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers; in just one minute this ad gets right to the heart of the viewer.
Students living away from home, those in long distance relationships, people with friends they haven’t spoken to for some time would all be encouraged to get in touch with that other person.
Of course Talk Talk are not trying to get people jumping ship to their brand just on the basis of this advert, more just a way of using their brand to punctuate this beautiful advert. But by putting this advert out to the viewer they certainly reach people’s hearts and minds, giving their brand a caring, home based image. Put that next to BT’s rambling soap opera advert with the guy out of My Family, and Talk Talk really stand out. I am shocked to say, but this modern advert is a real classic.

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